How to Get Women to Approach You

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I’m sure that you’re aware of the fact that it’s your “duty” as a man to make the first step and to approach the girls you are interested it.

But sometimes, this is way easier said than done.

Let’s say that you’re out to a bar or a night club, or even if it’s during the day – in a conference, at work or at school – how can you get women to approach you, or at least give you clear signals of her interest?

Be Different than the Average Guys

A big reason, for which women seem to “prefer” tall guys, is simply because they are very easy to notice, and they stand out of the crowd.

We can compare it to marketing – customers tend to buy the brands and products that stand out.

However, height is not the only way to stick out and be seen by women. It can be done in many other ways.

Let’s begin with your clothes – you may wear regular, typical clothes, and you can also do something more unique. You can stick out by your style – either very elegant or very simple. You can use remarkable colors – red, pink, or totally black.

In addition, to clothes, consider having some outstanding accessories – belts, glasses, watch, hat, etc.

Not being afraid to stick out not only makes you noticed by women, but it’s also an attractive masculine trait – like a peacock, who attracts women by his feathers.

In addition, there is another, extremely powerful strategy to attract women – being a leader.


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Socializing and Leadership

Women, biologically, are attracted to masculine men, and one of the most attractive masculine traits is leadership.

But what exactly is leadership? A leader, at least how the female mind views it, is a man with many social ties, who knows how to connect and talk to people.

A woman’s attraction to leaders is usually subconscious, and within a few minutes, you can push her “attraction buttons”, by adopting a social behavior.

The trick is to have interactions with many people, and women should be amongst them. When I go out to a social gathering, I talk and chat with everyone around me – my friend, men and women.

That’s actually the most attractive thing that you could do in a social place to attract women. Most men usually stay on their own, and if not you will see them talking to their buddies.

By being seen talking to many men and women – a woman will be biologically attracted to you, because her mind will recognize you as the leader of the tribe.

Give Her the Opportunity

If men are afraid to approach women, I wouldn’t be wise to expect women not to be. A girl, even if she’s interested, is not going to walk all the way towards you just to start a conversation. It would seem very needy, and in our society – even weird.

Even if you don’t want to start the interaction, you need to be close to the girl to make her do it. The best tactic here is to take a friend with you, stand near the girl you’re interested in, and just stay there and talk.

This gives her the opportunity to make the first move, without making too much efforts.

Look for Signals of Interest

Using the methods I discussed – being noticed by women, creating social vibe around you and giving her the opportunity – you will get women approaching you here and then.

But that’s the least important part. The rest of the women, those who will never approach a guy and make the first step – they will be interested in your attractive behavior. And they will not approach you – but they will use various signs of interest. It’s your goal to recognize these signals – these girls are waiting to talk to you!

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