How to get used to reading

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Reading can be one of the best habits, not only for those who want to learn to write better, but also for those who want to discover their favorite style of books. Books to learn to read can be of any genre, as long as you have the intention and motivation to finish that book.

In this article we will teach you some tips that you can follow to get used to reading, develop that gift of writing or increase your capacity of memory, attention and knowledge - books to learn to read.

Invest your free time in reading a good book

Thanks to smartphones we are used to using our free time to check our social networks, so the habit we have adapted over the years should change, maybe you can choose a small book, something you want to read, and start browsing some pages while waiting for a coffee, going on the bus, or while waiting for lunch to be ready.

Books for learning to read (in spanish: libros para aprender a leer) are usually short, those that can catch you on the first few pages, so if you want to start getting used to reading, then you should choose books or short stories that you can finish in a short time. If you need it, you can also use a primer to learn to read (in spanish: cartilla para aprender a leer).

Read before you go to sleep

Adapting your daily routine and leaving space for 20 minutes before going to sleep, to take a book and advance a few pages, can become a habit, so you will get used to reading frequently, and when you give it up, you will feel that you need to recover those minutes to invest them again in reading.

It is recommended that the book is physical, because it is proven that screens, tablets, and computers, emit a light that causes a discharge of adrenaline, so falling asleep and getting a good rest is much easier when you leave the screens aside, and take a few minutes to focus and relax the mind in a book, this can also increase our creativity, strengthen the knowledge learned in the day and reduce stress.

Read short stories

As mentioned above, the best books to learn to read and get used to the habit of reading are short stories, because they can be finished in less time -if you don't have much free time- unlike novels, which can cause frustration by not advancing faster.

There are also the micro-stories, which are much shorter, with which you could finish in a single day and with a few minutes of reading, which would make you feel motivated to finish another story or book, because of the feeling of satisfaction that can be generated by finishing a book, story, tale or novel.

Do not pressure yourself to finish the book

If the book or novel you have chosen does not finish trapping you in its first pages, or you feel that when you get to the middle you have lost the desire to continue it, then look for another type of book, maybe the genre or mode of writing is the one that does not favor your reading habit.

Don't feel pressured to finish a book, there are thousands of them, so you need some time to get used to reading, but also a little more practice to find the style and genre you like best, only then you will get used to reading more often.

Look for good books

If you do not like the book you are reading, a tip that may encourage you to finish it could be the fact that it has been recommended to you, that the book and author have won awards for them, or if it has a lot of criticism, because this helps to forge your internal critic, you can learn from the book, from the way it was written, and this will help you to understand all genres.

Looking for good books is easy, you just have to find the one that has a good amount of reviews or awards, depending on the genre you like more, it can be science fiction or classics.

Finding good books to learn to read is a matter of care and patience, you can get millions of results, book styles, plots and much more, you just have to introduce yourself to the world of reading with small steps.

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