Influencers we must take into account this 2020

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With the Instagram industry valued at over $1.7 billion and other social networking platforms following soon after, we have seen, thanks to news from influencers (in spanish: noticias de influencers), a staggering increase in celebrities and influencers dominating our social feeds with branded content, gifted products and annual partnerships forming on a whole new level. Now with the emergence of new media platforms like TikTok and Twitch making their way onto our screens, we've brought 12 influential people together to watch in 2020.


Cash Baker

Probably best known among the younger set, Cash Baker, his brother Maverick and his sister Lani, are on a viral upswing thanks to TikTok's amazing popularity. With a collective reach of over 30 million followers in TikTok alone, the Baker family creates comedy scenes and video content similar to the Paul brothers and their popularity is growing. Their commitment to the audience is also truly impressive, as Cash Baker alone has over 650 million people who enjoy their videos on the social platform.


Desi Perkins 

After starting her career as an independent makeup artist, Desi Perkins now inspires thousands of people daily with her lifestyle and beauty content. With an impressive 3.9 million followers on Instagram alone, Desi creates easy-to-follow makeup tutorials, effortlessly, increasingly popular hauling videos, and tidy lifestyle and interior content.



With over 80,000 followers at just 22, Instagram's fashion and design influencer, Jette, has an impressive participation rate of about 18% per social publication. Focusing mainly on fashion and beauty, Jette incorporates illustration in each publication and has started working with the main German brands. Serious Instafeed objectives if ever we saw them.



Over the past few years, we have seen a large increase in CGI influencers and in 2020 their influence will only increase. Shudu, the world's first digital supermodel, has been accumulating partnership agreements from major brands such as Fenty Beauty, Ellesse, Tiffany & Co. and was also interviewed on the developments in influencers (in spanish: novedades en influencers), by Harpers Bazaar Arabia in 2019.



If travel photography is your bag, the one to see in 2020 is photographer Kyle Mijlof. After traveling to over 60 countries, Mijlof's photography captivates the natural beauty of Mother Earth at its best and will make you want to take the next flight out of town.

Valencia De'La Clay 

Gaining recognition and following her Instagram video incarnation by portraying herself teaching, or rather empowering, eighth graders in her classes, Valencia De'La Clay's fans have been shooting up ever since. In her teachings, she helps push her students to their fullest potential, to think critically and consciously, and to have confidence in doing so.


Eugene Lee Yang 

Like many, Eugene Lee Yang first rose to fame through his extensive work on BuzzFeed. He is one of the BuzzFeed Try Guys and now has over 6.5 million subscribers to his own YouTube channel. In 2019, Eugene released a music video that came out, as well as an accompanying documentary video that shows his thought process as he went into the public sphere. He now works incredibly closely with LGBT charities such as The Trevor Project and is also widely known for his human rights activism.

Sweat and Tell

Best friends Jo and Jacqs first set up their Instagram platform to connect and promote health and wellness online. From tagging clothing lines in publications to working with health and wellness brands, their Instagram, Sweat and Tell profile now has about 47,000 followers alone and is sure to grow in the coming months. If you're looking for instagram fitness, these are the girls to follow.


American model Jazmyne Joy is known for her bold look, short shaved hair and tough attitude. Jumping into the Instagram spotlight in 2018 and after appearing in rapper Bad Bunny's music videos, Jazmyne now has nearly 100,000 fans on Instagram alone and works primarily with fashion and beauty brands. I hope her intrepid style continues to kill through 2020.

Justin Liv

The only fashionable male influencer you need on your radar is New York-based blogger Justin Liv. And as we've seen on influencer news, he's known for his slightly longer and more personal subtitles. He's worked with a tight-knit group of followers that now reaches over 300,000 on Instagram alone. From men's beauty products to beverage collaborations, in recent months Justin has worked with such well-known brands as Walmart Beauty, Cointreau and Diet Coke.

Katie Sturino

Blogger, entrepreneur and New Yorker Katie Sturino is an influential fashionista who hopes to show that fashion and style can be of any size. Her latest statement post portrayed herself recreating iconic Meghan and Harry outfits, and she racked up more than 35,000 likes in less than 24 hours. Quite ironic


Klaudia Cloud

After building an impressive 21,000 followers in a matter of months, Klaudia Cloud is an independent PR consultant and digital manager by day, and an Instagram sensation by night. Having worked in public relations, she also knows a thing or two about brand partnerships and sponsored content. Certainly one to watch throughout 2020.

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