Promotional gifts that will help grow your business

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Almost everyone has at least a couple of promotional souvenirs, whether they are personalized mugs, water bottles, T-shirts or pens. A promotional gift is different from a normal or stationery item with a logo, the name of the advertiser or a message printed or engraved on the product. It is one of the most effective tools in a marketing department's portfolio.

Corporate gifts and souvenirs with a logo can use physical elements to increase brand awareness and organizational culture. Corporate gifts and promotional items help leave much more positive and memorable memories of the company, being an important factor in increasing customer and employee loyalty to the brand.


What you should know about merchandising


- 88% of people who receive a promotional gift remember the brand, the advertiser's logo and the message of the advertising product.


- 83% of people like to receive promotional gifts and souvenirs.


- 85% of the recipients of business gifts work with the brand or advertiser on the advertising product.


- 74% of marketing specialists and promotional gift buyers believe that promotional products can help make campaigns even more successful.


When choosing a promotional gift, it is important to first carefully analyze who it is aimed at, who your target audience is. Secondly, you should focus on the promotional product itself: can it be our face? Does the promotional product carry our values? The best promotional souvenir is the one that, even without logo or message, clearly indicates which company it was received from.


Experienced and knowledgeable promotional marketers can help you find the right promotional merchandise for your target audience. There are several reasons why you should seek the help of gift experts: the quality and safety of the promotional items, the delivery logistics and the fact that companies selling corporate gifts give them a guarantee. In addition, promotional gift consultants are up to date with the latest trends and know exactly which business gifts and promotional gifts are best for your target audience.


Promotional Gifts That Work

Let's take a closer look at what kind of corporate gifts will help grow your business and increase brand awareness and engagement.


For a company to grow, promotional gifts must be unique: they are the right gift for the right person. We are increasingly fond of sustainable, practical, innovative and local corporate gifts and all kinds of special solutions. Souvenirs should be actively used and visible. According to research, the most visible promotional items are umbrellas, sweatshirts, T-shirts, jackets, calendars, shopping bags, hats and pens. In recent years, portable chargers, various wireless speakers, Bluetooth chargers and water bottles with logos have become fashionable and are widely used as promotional gifts.


However, there are some details that despite having less external visibility, can encourage a greater commitment of the customer with your brand, since it will give a greater use inside the house, as is the case of custom cups and mugs (in spanish: tazones personalizados), corkscrews and in general, all kinds of kitchen or bathroom utensils.


Umbrellas with logo   

It is certainly an eye-catching object, and a very good showcase for your logo. However, if you live in an area with scarce rain, perhaps this is not the best gift you can give your clients. That's why it's important to take all the factors into account. Likewise, the customs of the area will be important. If you work with the Asian market, perhaps it is better to give a sunshade as a gift, don't you think?


We all like to receive practical things as gifts that we don't want to spend our money on. At the same time, we should not forget the importance of quality. The rule applies: less is more, if it is better. An umbrella that breaks down in the first storm you face won't say anything good about your brand, watch out for that.

Personalized corporate gifts

Recently, promotional gifts personalized with the brand logo have a great demand: stationery, pens, folders, badges, pencils...

But a plus can be added if it is personalized with the client's name and delivered with a nice wrapping. You can use personalized gift boxes or a personalized mug (taza personalizada) in which you will include the rest of the merchandising.

Wireless Speakers  

Technology is becoming more and more accepted among those who receive corporate gifts. Likewise, customers are also increasingly looking for hybrid corporate gift solutions. For example, using existing promotional items, such as stainless steel thermoses or glass drinking bottles, which have an exclusive design with leather, wood or felt. Examples include high-quality hats and winter gloves, enhanced by a handmade leather label with an embossed logo or name, unique RFID card holders or corporate gifts made of precious woods.

Gift Baskets  

Custom-made corporate gifts are very popular and widely used by companies. By personalized, we generally refer to promotional gifts with a unique slogan and a personalized design, such as a printed blanket, designer mugs, personalized umbrellas or printed bath towels.

Innovative promotional gifts

The popularity of several innovative promotional gifts continues to grow. Of the most interesting, I would first like to highlight all the corporate gifts with augmented reality that, through a special application, magically strengthen your brand. Like 3D Rubik's Cube or other sophisticated products that take full advantage of virtual reality. Innovative solutions and the addition of a QR code to the souvenirs allow the advertiser to collect unique data.


Another interesting group of innovative promotional gifts are IOT products, i.e. Internet connected devices that make our lives easier and more comfortable. For example, an IOT adapter or Bluetooth key trackers.

Green business gifts

Increasingly, our customers are choosing sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable promotional items. Customers are becoming more informed and choose more sustainable products as souvenirs. USB sticks and glasses with biodegradable cardboard or bamboo cases. There are also socks made from discarded fishing nets, beautiful and durable, simply the perfect gift idea.

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