The benefits of Dead Sea minerals

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The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth: it is 394 meters below sea level. It is a salt lake located between Israel and Jordan. Due to the lack of effluent water courses and the strong evaporation, due to the high temperatures of the region, its waters have a very high salinity, 10 times higher than other seas.

The salts and minerals of the Dead Sea (in spanish: las sales y minerales del Mar Muerto) help to counteract the natural degenerative process of the skin, stimulating and toning it.


The presence of volcanic thermal sources enriches the qualitative composition of the water, which contains almost all the elements present in nature (37 trace elements) and makes it different from all the other seas, making it richer in magnesium and potassium than in sodium.


The particularity that makes this sea unique in the world is the high concentration of salts and minerals, which have been used over the centuries as a cosmetic for the beauty and well-being of the whole body.


With a relaxing bath, which contains all the natural riches and specific properties of the salts and minerals of the Dead Sea, the skin is rejuvenated and revitalized. Ideal for eliminating fatigue and relaxing the whole body, toning it up at the end of a long day's work. Very effective in combating skin imperfections, seborrhea, itching, and muscular pain, normalizing the skin's pH.

The benefits

  • It allows you to recover health, beauty and vitality
  • fights skin imperfections (orange peel, cracks, etc.)
  • treats the main skin problems (psoriasis, acne and eczema, dermatitis, etc.)
  • restructures and remineralizes the scalp
  • Relieves painful muscular or rheumatic conditions of minor entity (such as those resulting from atmospheric conditions)
  • Tones up the circulation


There is a valid reason, of course, why the Dead Sea is called that. The concentration of mineral salts in its waters, in fact, equal to 30%, prevents the development of any form of life within it. However, you return to a new life when you immerse yourself in its waters, when you wrap yourself in its mud and when you let yourself be caressed by the rays of the sun that kiss it. This happens because the thermal waters that flow in this amazing depression 400 meters below sea level are a concentrate of therapeutic properties, as well as its mud which, besides having precious healing qualities, is a true natural cosmetic. Everything in the Dead Sea oozes health and well-being and the wonderful landscape that surrounds it, along with the sites loaded with history,

The properties

There are many reasons to dive into the waters of the Dead Sea, one more valid than the other. For those who suffer from dermatological problems, such as psoriasis, or joint disorders, they will find in this closed sea a true temple of well-being. The high concentration of mineral salts, in fact, guarantees surprisingly beneficial effects and, by helping the body to stay afloat without any effort, reduces the pressure on the joints offering immediate relief. In addition, the high content of magnesium has anti-allergic effects on the skin and respiratory tract, while the concentration of bromine provides a pleasant feeling of calm in the nervous system, stimulates metabolism and promotes recovery of strength. Among the elements that make the Dead Sea particularly famous and appreciated are also its beneficial mud. 


These special black muds, also very rich in mineral salts and especially in sulfur from thermal springs, once spread all over the body, make the skin smoother, softer and more luminous. In fact, they increase the rate of oxidation allowing you to breathe and purify yourself. In addition, the absorption of mineral substances allows it to tone and nourish itself. Those who want to have wonderful skin can increase the effects of the water and mud by dipping into one of the many pools of thermal mineral water present in the therapeutic centers that dot the coast. 


Don't forget that the sun and the air you breathe at the shores of the Dead Sea are also special. The greater distance from the sun because it is in a depression hundreds of meters below sea level, and the dense curtain of steam that envelops the atmosphere throughout the year, act as an effective filter against harmful ultraviolet rays. This allows you to expose yourself safely for long periods of time. Finally, the high concentration of oxygen in the air, combined with the dry climate and the clean, clear air, free of pollen and pollutants, make the Dead Sea the ideal place also for allergy sufferers.


This and more is what Dead Sea cosmetics (cosmética del Mar Muerto) are so famous for today. 

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