The tastiest recipes with guacamole

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Looking to try something new? Tired of eating the same thing? Mexican food catches your eye? In this article you will find the most popular Mexican recipes (en español: recetas mexicanas) that include guacamole. I love Mexican cuisine (en español: yo amo la cocina mexicana), and I assure you that if there are indispensable recipes, these are them.

Guacamole, a well known sauce from Mesoamerica, is prepared with an avocado base, and is used as an additive to give the dishes a typical and special touch.

However, these Mexican recipes can be a little complex, since they require the maturation of the avocado. The final texture and the right amount of ingredients are also very important. But we assure you that it will be worth the wait, and you will want to add it to a lot of dishes.

First of all, the guacamole must be prepared. This requires a ripe avocado, a chili, an onion, lime juice, chopped coriander and salt.

The first step consists of peeling and removing the stone from the avocado, chopping the avocado into pieces and throwing it into a mortar or any container you have at hand. 

Then, handle the avocado until it gets a texture that is not completely smooth, since the real guacamole must have pieces of tropical fruit. This can be done with a mortar or by hand.

To continue with one of the most popular Mexican recipes (recetas mexicanas populares), it is now time to add small pieces of onion to taste, as well as fresh cilantro and jalapeño. Mix well to bring all the flavors together.

The final step is to add the salt and a little bit of freshly squeezed lime juice, and it is served with the nachos, which for those who are not familiar with Mexican recipes are several pieces of corn tortillas that are fried or toasted until they reach a crunchy texture.

Different options

Other ingredients can be added to the guacamole (never removing the avocado), when serving as cheese and fruit pieces, or when crushing as fruits, spices or vegetables. 

Likewise, the texture should not necessarily be the traditional one with pieces of onion and avocado, since they can also be transformed into creams or purees. To do this, instead of a mortar or fork, a mixer and other ingredients should be used to give it a creamy appearance, such as olive oil, cream cheese, yogurt or cream.

Once the texture of the guacamole and its ingredients are decided, it is time to take care of what it will accompany. Guacamole is eaten cold, so it can be added to a kitchen dish or to fresh appetizers.

Unsurpassed flavor

One of the most popular Mexican recipes is eggs stuffed with guacamole and bacon. Just open the eggs and replace the yolk with bacon and guacamole. You can also add a little bit of chili powder for a spicy touch.

An Italian and Mexican mix? Dare to try a guacamole, mozzarella and cherrys bruschetta. Add slices of toasted bread with guacamole, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella balls. Decorate with a splash of vegetable olive oil, sesame seeds, and fresh basil and you will have a magnificent combination. 

Another highly recommended option is to make a shot of avocado puree with smoked salmon. Because of its texture, guacamole is perfect to be served as a base in a glass. Guacamole with a texture more similar to mash is accompanied by some pieces of smoked salmon. 

To finish, you can also prefer a guacamole toast with eggplant cream. You can add the mixture in a white bread, wholemeal, or whatever you like. You will not regret it.

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