Tips to make your cycling clothes last longer

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Cycling clothes, like any other kind of clothing, have a lifespan determined mostly by the wear and tear of the garment in question. However, this does not mean that we can do nothing to keep our cycling clothes in good condition for much longer, in this article we give you some tips.

Make your cycling clothes last longer

1- Wash them immediately

Wash the garments after use: this seems obvious, but we mean do not throw the garments in the laundry basket and leave them there for 3 days full of sweat and dirt, instead, wash them as soon as possible after use. Cycling clothes (in spanish: ropa ciclismo) are more prone to rapid wear and tear than other everyday garments, this is because as sportswear, we expose them to different weather conditions and they get dirtier, it is this last point that we can do something about.


Dirt and sweat the more time they spend on a garment the more they damage it, we are not only talking about stains, we are talking about wear of the fibers of cycling clothing, because although a sweat stain or dirt can be removed, the fibers of this type of clothing lose color, elasticity and other properties when they are left in the laundry basket for a long time, therefore, once used, let them dry a little and wash them.

2- Use neutral and vegan soap

Use neutral soap: if you follow the previous step it is not necessary to use strong cleaning products to wash your cycling clothes, use mild, neutral soap, just enough to remove dirt and sweat, this will avoid damaging the color and properties of the fibers of these garments, avoiding their premature deterioration. Also, avoid using fabric softener or the dryer and wash your cycling clothes separately.


Using vegan soap is not essential to make your clothes last longer, but it is essential to keep your conscience clean, which is much more important than your clothes, don't you think?

3- Read the labels (of your clothes)

Look at the labels: some cycling clothes have specific washing instructions, do not forget to check the manufacturer's recommendations.

Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations if you want your clothes to last much longer. If you are one of those people who can't stand labels and you cut the labels off your cycling clothes when you bought them, the best thing to do is to always wash them by hand or use a cold water wash program, that way you make sure you don't use temperatures that can ruin them. always remember point 1, or you may not be able to remove the dirt as well as you would like.


If you follow these three simple tips your cycling jersey (maillot ciclismo) will stay as new as the first day.  This way, you only have to worry about improving every day while practicing your favorite sport.

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