Traditional cooking: How to make rice with chicken

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In Spain, the gastronomic variety of each region is known, and in each there is a typical dish that can be tasted, among paellas and rice each part has a special recipe.

Rice with chicken or paella is one of the best known chicken recipes (in spanish: recetas de pollo) in the whole region, there are some dishes for all tastes, such as rice with fish or meat, to the preference of each person, the famous traditional paella may seem a simple dish, with a stir-fry of some well-fried seasonings, changing the rice for one in type asopado or a little more dry, that even stick some of it to the bottom.

Making this dish might seem easy, but you need some practice to catch the good trick, likewise you need to make the dish enough times until you reach the preferred point of cooking the rice, in this article we will show you how to prepare in a traditional way the famous and delicious paella, or also known by many as: rice with chicken.

What do you need?

These are the indispensable ingredients to prepare this delicious dish -Rice for 6 large portions:

Rice (type bomb) 480 gr

1 kg skinless chicken

Chicken broth (1 liter)

Food coloring or saffron

1 red bell pepper

1 green bell pepper

1 onion

1 carrot

1 bay leaf

2 cloves of garlic

1 thyme branch

1 branch of rosemary

Extra virgin olive oil

Go out

3 tablespoons of tomato sauce (or crushed tomato)

1 tablespoon of chorizo bell pepper meat

Preparation: Step by step

Prepare the seasonings for frying, chopping them all in small pieces, make sure you wash them all very well, from the bell pepper to the carrot and onion, remove the skin from them and remove the seeds from the bell pepper, if you want to speed up this first part then you can use a pica all.


It is recommended to have an iron paella pan available, this is an essential utensil to prepare rice dishes, place it on the medium heat and spread a little olive oil, when it heats up you can add the seasoning along with the sprigs of rosemary, laurel and thyme.

In the previous step you can add the salt to your liking, while you let the seasonings cook for at least 15 or 20 minutes, the right moment to lower the fire will be when they are slightly browned.

Stir very well incorporating the tomatoes or the sauce, along with the bell pepper meat, letting them cook with the seasonings for three minutes, then you can remove them, trying to leave some oil in the paella pan, this technique will leave a better flavor to the following ingredients.

On the empty paella pan, but with the rest of the oil, you will add the chopped chicken, trying to make it brown on all sides, if you need more oil you can add it, also add a touch more salt, reserving these for a few minutes while in a separate pan you heat the chicken broth.

You can add only half of the sofrito and save the other portion for a next occasion; in the paella pan you will add the rice, stirring it very well together with the chicken and the sofritos, if the broth is already hot you can add it too.

It is important that the broth is almost boiling, when you add it to the paella pan you can also add the saffron, and when it is boiling, lower the fire as much as possible and cover it for 18 minutes.

You can't stir the rice, this part is indispensable for an excellent dish, you can try it and decide if it is too hard or if it is already softening enough, in case it is still raw you will have to add more hot broth.

This chicken recipe (receta pollo) needs 18 to 20 minutes to be ready, after that you will turn off the fire and let the rice rest for 10 minutes, covering it with a kitchen cloth or aluminum foil.

Some additional tips

- The rice should be to your liking, if you prefer to be with broth you can turn it off when you decide it's ready, keeping a little water or broth at the bottom, on the other hand, if you want it to be dry but still has liquid, then you can turn up the heat and uncover the paella pan, trying not to overcook it and burn it.

- The best time to serve the dish will be after it has rested away from the fire for about 10 minutes, it will still be hot, but very tasty.

- The slices of garlic bread are excellent to accompany a paella, so you can include them in your table when serving, if you have many guests we recommend including lemon, since many like to squeeze it over the rice.

- Remember to always test the dish before serving it, the salt should be in a good point, as well as the cooking of the rice, if you have not been as you wanted remember that this is a dish that needs experience to prepare, so do not rush to make it perfect on the first attempt.

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