Uncomfortable tips for finding love

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Many people spend an important part of their lives trying to find love. It is possible that after several failures in dating sites they have decided to consult a love tarot (in spanish: tarot del amor), to know if love is waiting for them in the future or if their search is in vamos. Even those who are truly serious about the divinatory arts will consult a tarot without a cabinet (tarot sin gabinete), trusting the wisdom and clairvoyance of the tarot artist, and no one else. But no matter how good the omens are, the cards have limited power, and even if the news is good, you should know that it is important to do your part.

In the same way, if after the consultation the answers you were looking for are not as positive as you expected, do not be discouraged, because it is possible to change that desolate future without love that has been prophesied to you. You will only have to follow some advice that, well, is not exactly easy to apply, but very effective.

It is a matter of advice elaborated from the healthy cynicism of a practicing psychologist with 30 years of experience, which do not leave anyone indifferent. But we must admit that there is much truth behind the apparent harshness. Many of us should pay attention to many of his judgments:

23 tips for achieving love

  1. No one needs someone who doesn't need himself. And the one who accepts himself as he is, lives a tasty and full life, despite all possible daily problems.
  2. If you have the best sex after a fight, then they won't last long, only the fights will remain, and they will appear more and more often.
  3. If you don't feel comfortable with a person on the first, second or third date, don't have a fourth. In the first few encounters, a person will show himself in the best possible light, and if it is already unpleasant to be with him, nothing good will come of this relationship.
  4. People don't like it because it bows them down. Submission does not please, and if someone likes it, that someone is dangerous.
  5. As for young, successful and beautiful people who cannot find a partner for themselves, because, they say, they have a high standard, in reality what they often have is an inability to be in relationships and a fear of them.
  6. We measure love by the level of suffering. And healthy love is about how happy you are and how happy you make the other person.
  7. If you want to get married, you have to stop thinking about that. Healthy people first have the need to love. With this need to love, they find a person who loves them and then you can talk about formalizing the relationship and on what terms.
  8. Healthy people always choose themselves and neurotics always choose relationships to their detriment, and this is the main difference.
  9. You should never relate to married people. Fish is sold in a fishmonger's shop, meat in a butcher's. Do not waste your time. A married person does not need a wife or husband, he already has one at home.
  10. If you want to get married, meet or even live together for six months or a year and nothing happens, you should ask him once if he wants a family and a wedding. If a person is not ready to start a family, it is time to say goodbye. In a friendly way, of course. Like "I treat you very warmly and I will continue in the same spirit, but away from you.
  11. If a person replaces the whole world with another person, this means that they simply do not have their own world.
  12. Anyone-and I emphasize-any woman who sits at home for years and takes care of the home and children alone, is degraded. It is inevitable. And in the end, a man gets bored with his wife, begins to consider her stupid, and then takes half a step toward divorce. Any man who for years just goes from work to home and spends his days in front of the TV or computer goes through the same process, and the result is similar.
  13. Loneliness is not the lack of love around you. This lack of interest in yourself .
  14. If it bothers you, simply separate yourself from that person. Don't be afraid to be alone. Not a single man or woman in the whole world deserves to break down, sink beneath him or her and neglect their desires and needs. No one.
  15. It's simple: that person is who he or she is. And you are what you are. You either feel good together or you need to separate. And it's better before you take out a mortgage and have three children.
  16. Those who are mentally healthy are guided by their feelings and always choose themselves. Neither beauty nor love requires sacrifice. And if they do, it's definitely not their story. Tear it down. There is no purpose worth enduring in a relationship.
  17. You can't tiptoe around all your life and disappointment is always more painful than showing up real at first.
  18. As far as finding a partner, I'll tell you, but who should I look for? The only quality your partner should have is that he 'hooks' you. Everything else doesn't matter at all. If you love her, then there are no "bars".
  19. People who do not love themselves cannot love themselves, so they cannot have a happy partner either.
  20. What do you need to do to get married? There is only one thing to do: be yourself. That is enough. And love will arise, in principle, only for this .
  21. If you don't like the way she treats you, do something unpleasant, tell her once. If things don't change, goodbye.
  22. A normal person does not continue a relationship in which they are not respected. However, he shouldn't even have started it.
  23. The only time in a person's life when he is objectively dependent and can be considered a hostage is in childhood and dependence on his parents. This does not last long. In other cases, being in any relationship is or should be an adult's decision.

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