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Over time, humanity has had to learn to evolve. Since the time of early man, humans have always found a way to get ahead of nature and all its surprises. The world being the survival of the fittest, man has moved towards brilliance and the ability to use the environment for his benefit. Today, however, the scenario is very different from that of primitive man. We do not have to live in caves or depend on hunting to provide food on the table. What has not changed is the tenacity and agility of man to know what works and what does not, and to capitalize on what works.

The Internet, possibly man's greatest invention, is something that has flourished and prospered over time. Today's Internet is meticulously woven into our lives. Whether you're looking for a dress online, reading this post on your iPad, studying online, calling a cab, or even watching funny cat videos, you have to agree that the Internet is here with us to stay. Since the Internet itself is vast, it can't be qualified as good or bad. What we do is what influences what the platform becomes. There are countless software developers who seek to have their applications recognized, and who weave their way into many people's daily routines. Some applications are for recreational purposes, others are for fun, and others can be very useful in our daily lives. Here I propose some useful applications to make your life better and easier. 

Sleep Cycle

Sleep is vital for the human body and for life. If you sleep less than necessary, you will be ill-equipped to handle the day's decisions, and if you fall asleep, you may end up losing your responsibilities. This application helps your body rest optimally by controlling your sleep patterns and waking you up when it senses the best time. The application is free, but you can upgrade later to get a premium account.


In its English acronym, it means "If this is so, then that". Essentially, IFTTT seeks to eliminate the monotonous routine. For example, if you post a photo on Instagram, it automatically shares the post on Twitter. That way, you don't have to spend a lot of time repeating a monotonous routine. For social networkers who don't want to waste time on social networks.


This application is like having an accountant on your phone. Have you ever wondered where all your money goes at the end of the month? With Mint, you can track all your expenses and income. It works by linking your accounts, all you have to do is type in your bank account information and leave the rest to the application that will record your income, money transfers, transactions and all expenses. Best of all, it's all free.


What was that thing you wanted to do today? With Todoist, you won't have to worry about having sticky notes everywhere. With Todoist, you can create any list, from shopping lists, to make lists, grocery lists, wish lists, schedule all your daily tasks, either for the day, the week, and so on. When the activity approaches, the application will remind you. Whether it's to pay your bills on a certain date or even a single activity, Todoist will be your personal secretary. is a community application that allows users to connect and motivate themselves to maintain new habits and routines. This application allows anyone to have many responsibility partners while forming new habits. The application is available in both Android and the Apple Store for free. 


Simply put, Calm is your application for guided meditations and sleep stories to reduce anxiety, increase attention and develop gratitude. Its user interface is incredibly well designed and its scenes and sounds are of high quality. Calm is free to use and download, however, you can always upgrade to a premium account later.


This is a soccer team management app (in spanish: app de gestión de equipos de fútbol). Whether it is the team of your neighborhood, or if you are a member of an important club, with this app you will be able to control everything related to the team, players, training sessions... Never before has a soccer team management software (software de gestión de equipos de fútbol) been so complete. With futapp you can have the management of a soccer team (gestión de equipos de fútbol) in the palm of your hand and from anywhere.


Waze is a real time saver, it's a community-based traffic and navigation application that will help you avoid traffic, find alternative routes and get real-time traffic and road information, and best of all, it connects to your Spotify app so you don't have to leave the app if you want to change tracks!

Streaks Workout

Streaks Workout is the ideal training partner for anyone, regardless of their fitness level. No matter how much time you have available daily for your workout, it will offer you convenient options to choose from to build your strength and conditioning routines.


Over the years, Duolingo has become the reference application for language learning. The developers of this application have successfully built it to help you learn any new language you want for free and fun, and best of all, the application is free!


At this point, MyFitnessPal should be your application to monitor your health and fitness progress. With it you can track calories, monitor your progress, follow your exercise routines and, most importantly, it offers you a database of 3.2 million different types of food that you can select to add to your daily caloric intake without having to enter it yourself, and best of all, it's free to use and download.

Khan Academy

This is an application for all parents who wish to give their children a quality education from an early age. The application offers valuable lessons to children, based on different topics ranging from science to mathematics. The application can be downloaded for free to your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone.


This application will help you be smarter! Yes, Lumosity is an application designed by expert neurologists and their job is to help you be smarter. The application has several challenges that are oriented to improve your memory, your attention span and your logic. The application can be downloaded for free. 

Focus Booster

Are you having trouble staying focused on the tasks at hand? Focus Booster will help you keep track of what you need to do, and when you do it. The application does this by establishing focus times as well as breaks.

Way of life

Most of the time, there is a bad habit that we try to get rid of. With this application, you can now keep track of the habits you are trying to quit. The application allows you to make a list of the habits you are trying to quit, and then the short and long term goals for a better life. The application comes equipped with tables, bookmarks and instant feedback to help you keep track. The application is available for free, only at IOS.

Daily Yoga

Getting in shape is a dream that many people aspire to achieve, unfortunately, not many people have the time or money to join a gym and go on a regular basis. Daily Yoga is an application that simply does what the name suggests; it simplifies yoga. The app will help you fit in within a few minutes to perform simple yoga exercises. Even if you can't spend a couple of hours at the gym, you can spend about ten minutes and do a few yoga poses according to the instructions in the app. Daily yoga is available free at the Apple Store.

Insight Timer

Many fitness applications tend to be related to physical health, however, this application focuses on mental health. The application has scheduled times to sit down and relax the mind. The application is available for download and is completely free.

Health App

Some of the most popular applications are those that have a direct benefit in one's life. The Health App is one of those revolutionary applications. With this free application, you will be able to control your health-related activities in general, such as the quality of your sleep, your daily steps or even your nutrition. You can also integrate the other applications mentioned above and collect data directly from them when you use them.


Have you ever wondered where your time goes? You wake up, a lot of incoherence is going on throughout the day, and suddenly, it's all over. You may even have a perfect day planned, but things start to go off plan. Timeneye is the application to fix your time management problems. Essentially, you can keep track of how you spend your time by scheduling what you are doing and for how long. You can enter your work schedule, your hobbies or even your rest time. Over time, the app recognizes your routine, so you don't have to keep adding activities all the time. The app will automatically suggest what you think you should do, based on the pattern you have created. The app is visually appealing and has no clutter. In addition, it can be synchronized with other programs such as Google Calendar, Asana and Basecamp. This way, you don't have to keep changing applications to adjust details. Timeneye is available on the web, in the Apple store, and in Android for free, with in-store purchases.


Wattpad is an incredible application for all authors and readers. It connects thirsty readers with writers who are full of power. The application is mainly used by emerging writers, but readership is worldwide. You can download the application for free in both iOS and Android


Strava is a social network for athletes. It connects athletes to do activities together, on the digital platform. Unity and cooperation are a big part of the work and this application has discovered it. You can download it for free in Android, and in the Apple Store.


Sometimes, you just want to go up to the roof of a building and scream your emotions. Vent is not the top of a building, but it works just as well. Vent is a free application that expresses your feelings and connects with people who care, it guarantees that you let your emotions out.

Have you found in this list of applications that you may be interested in? I'm sure you have. Take advantage of your smartphone and technology and make your life easier with these and other applications that are just a click away.

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