The wonders of aromatherapy

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Probably, at some point the term aromatherapy has been heard. Only by hearing it is it possible to relate it to a good smell, relaxation and state of well-being. And that is what it means in general terms. It is a treatment in which oils and essences extracted from plants and flowers are used, with the aim of relieving physical discomfort.

In the therapies are widely used those chemical agents that are removed from plants and placed anywhere in the body, with a process of massage or through inhalation. 

The word aromatherapy (aromaterapiaEnlaces a un sitio externo.) emerged publicly in the 1920's, when René-Maurice Gettefosé, a chemist from France, coined the term to name what he was doing in his laboratory. There, he could mix the oils of the plants, which emanated delicious aromas. However, he was not the creator, as this technique dates back to many years ago, in the Roman era.

In those times, aromatherapy was used to heal people with health complications. At this point, this type of therapy is still not included within traditional medicine as it is known, but that does not take away from its multiple benefits on people's health. 

Relaxation and tranquility

Various scientific studies have proven that when aromatherapy is practiced, people see their olfactory nerves stimulated through the inhalation of odors that activate chemical elements in the brain. This, contributes to the calm, relaxation and tranquility in the individual.

Each plant and its oils have different chemicals that provide some kind of benefit to the person who undergoes this type of relaxation system. Thus, these odors also have to do with health properties that improve infections, inflammations, reduce bacteria and viruses, among others.

Here are some pathologies that can be treated with aromatherapy:

1.- Infections and immunological problems: aromatherapy contributes to the relief of respiratory complications or related conditions. 

2.- Skin problems: many people come to suffer from eczema (irritations or rashes in the dermis), acne or any other disease that causes them enough discomfort due to itching and damage. With aromatherapy, the healing process can be speeded up, as well as giving patients more peace of mind.

3.- Cases of depression and anxiety: the world is very convulsed and stress is one of the main causes of other diseases, both physical and mental. Many cases trigger depression, anxiety or any state of exaltation that do not contribute at all to the emotional stability of the person. Aromatherapy is a good mechanism that will help improve the peace and tranquility of the patients.

4.- Less pain: Aromatherapy is ideal as an analgesic when physical pain becomes unbearable. Each massage with natural oils, together with the smell, generates a whole cocktail of tranquility and improvement in each part of the body.

5 .- Defenses against disease: the body is ready to fight any disease, thanks to the healing effect of aromatherapy. The person will be much healthier, calm and with a diet according to the balance.

6 .- Aphrodisiac: who does not enjoy a relaxing massage where you can feel the skin in an exciting way, when the case merits it? For this reason, many couples experiment with aromatherapy to rekindle the flame of passion. They have the advice of specialists, who will recommend the appropriate oils for this type of session.

7.- Delays aging: plants have antioxidant properties that are very valuable in helping skin renewal. For this reason, many body and facial creams have this type of oil. With aromatherapy, the cells will not age quickly. You have to be constant with the sessions in order to see results quickly.

An alternative

It is important to clarify that doctors only recommend aromatherapy as an alternative and complement to traditional treatments. You should never ignore the indications of the doctors, because aromatherapy is not a substitute.

It is necessary to seek out true experts in aromatherapy (who have approved a course of aromatherapy (in spanish: curso de aromaterapiaEnlaces a un sitio externo.)) and not fall into improvised hands, because otherwise each treatment can have contrary and adverse effects. For example, those who know about this profession understand that there are types of natural oils that cannot be applied directly to the skin because they can produce serious burns. Neither can they be ingested nor have contact with the eyes.

Another contraindication of aromatherapy is that it should not be performed in the first trimester of pregnancy, since according to specialists, it could generate uterine contractions that would trigger miscarriages.

Likewise, before undergoing this technique, it should be verified that you are not allergic to any of the oils. In children, one must be careful because of how strong the oils and their aromas can be.

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