How to be a little more positive without bordering on the absurd

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Being positive in such difficult times can be challenging but not impossible. Many people fear positivity because behind it there may be many experts who can turn us away from reality, but cultivating a positive world (in spanish: mundo positivo) within us will not completely avoid the problems we have in this very present. 

However, looking at everything from a gloomy, gray and hopeless perspective will not help us to overcome the difficulties we are going through either. Being positive at crucial moments can help us to see better the possibilities we have in front of us or the ones we must create to weigh those difficulties, and if you start modifying little by little your behavioral thoughts you will notice a great advance over who you used to be to your current version.

Creating a positive world (crear un mundo positivo) can certainly be a rewarding path, but that doesn't make it any easier. It's not just about putting a smile on your life, it's about changing your perspective, accepting reality and being a little more empathetic to yourself. 

Many of the external things that can directly affect us trigger certain kinds of behaviors, and it will depend on our attitude to life about how we deal with them. If you want to know how to be a little more positive without bordering on the absurd, check out these tips.

Talk about your problems without enlarging them 

Problems and unforeseen events can be a pebble in the shoe that makes us so uncomfortable that we lose our patience. While talking about them with the people close to us helps us to purge all the bad things inside us, we have to recognize at a certain point how many times we talk about our problems and with what intensity. 

Are you one of those who constantly call your friends to tell them about your latest injustice and tragedy of the day? Maybe you have problems about how to deal with problems. Remember, a positive world (mundo positivo) is everything.

When you have a difficulty in front of you, think about whether there is a solution to it, and if not, reconsider whether it is worth worrying about. Imagine that you are a balloon that is filled by each "problem" that is presented to you. 

Is that the impression you want to give to others and to yourself? It's a question worth asking.

Transform negativity into overcoming

It is easy to fall into the role of the victim when we feel that our life has no meaning because of so many negative events that often stain us. However, sometimes we have to change the role of the victim for that of overcoming. 

You may be a magnet for "the bad stuff", and you probably consider it so, but think that behind every negative thing that has happened to you you have been able to stay alive enough to tell about it and move on. 

Each experience we go through may not tell us anything about who we are, but our will and determination does dictate a lot about how we deal with it.

Learn to love yourself

It may be one of the cheesiest things you read, but it makes a lot of sense if you stop to read it and really want a positive world. How many times have we punished ourselves for not living up to events, for feeling that only disasters happen to us. 

Why do we allow ourselves to think this way? Simply because we lack a little love for ourselves. It is enough to be more compassionate to realize that problems will always exist but that somehow we will solve them and especially if we seek the appropriate help. 

Allow yourself to evaluate if you are in condition to lower your guard and be more gentle with yourself, from there you will see that not everything in life is negative and if the world can be seen as something positive. 

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