Dental endodontics is the best option to repair damage

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It is popularly known as root canal treatment, but its official name is dental endodontics. It is a procedure that the dentist Zaragoza (in spanish: dentista Zaragoza) performs in order to remove the areas that are infected in the tooth, and then disinfect, heal and fill with a special material. 

The purpose of this type of work is to satisfactorily repair the tooth that has been damaged for a long time. It is a method that has proven to be quite effective and widely used by specialists in dentistry.

In Zaragoza you can find many dentists' offices that do a great job of endodontics. In any case, it is advisable to look for the specialist who generates more confidence and is financially accessible.

Returning to the subject of endodontics, they are performed in various ways, depending on the location of the teeth. Thus, we do multi-radicular endodontics (we do canals on the molar teeth, 3 pieces), bireadicular (premolars and molars, 2) and monoradicular, when it comes to molar teeth.

There is the detail of the costs that the root canal treatments entail, which are usually expensive, but everything will depend on the quality of the dentist Zaragoza (dentista Zaragoza), his way of working and the time that the procedures will require.

What is it about?

Zaragoza has good specialists ready to work with the objective of providing the patient with the best care and preserving the damaged tooth. At first glance, when someone hears the term "root canal treatment", they panic because the version that is usually quite painful has become very popular.

But, a specialized dentist knows that with the right measures and treatment, the pain is minimal and the discomfort lasts only a few minutes. What is done in a root canal?

Before starting any endodontic process, the dentist first takes an x-ray to determine precisely the level of damage to the pulp where the tooth is located and how far the infection has spread.

That's when he starts working on the treatment as such. The dentist places anesthesia in the place where he will work and proceeds to clean and remove the damaged areas, as well as part of the nerve.

To stop the appearance or entry of germs in that place, the dentist places a thermoplastic-based material to cover. Later, there is the alternative of restoring the tooth thanks to the use of a crown, this way the tooth will resist more and its use will be restored.

Goodbye suffering

When it comes to repairing seriously damaged teeth, root canals are the best option. Without a doubt, the unbearable pain will disappear, and the tooth will have a healthy appearance again. Saving the tooth is the premise of this method. 

It is worth noting that after this work is done, the patient will be able to resume chewing food normally in a few days. However, it is important to continue with consecutive oral hygiene, using fluoride toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss.

It is also recommended to reduce the intake of foods high in sugars, as well as processed foods. When the endodontics has been completed, it is vital to continue going to the dentist in Zaragoza (dentista en Zaragoza). Many people stop going to their appointments with the specialists once they feel better. And obviously, that is a big mistake.

Looking for the best

In professional web portals, there are lines of health specialists in Zaragoza that can serve as a guide to choose the doctor that best suits each person. These are lists with office numbers, addresses, specializations and contacts by mail.

Thus, you can choose experts in endodontics, prosthesis, periodontics, orthodontics, implantology, restorative dentistry, dental aesthetics, oral surgery, specialization for children's patients, invisible orthodontics, among others.

The digital portals of professionals are ideal for people to read the comments left by patients who have been treated by dentists. You can find good reviews as well as bad ones. There are even maps of the locations in Zaragoza, to make it easier for patients to search.

There are even sections that have the option of setting appointments in virtual calendars, without the need to phone or send mail. Everything online, at hand, is simple and fast.

Endodontic work should be performed only by certified specialists, professionals with verifiable guarantees. When it comes to health, the important thing is to find people who really know what they are doing, and to promote oral hygiene!

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