WTF is OnlyFans?

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A closed platform, by subscription, with adult content (among others) and where there is no censorship. That's OnlyFans, the social network with which Spanish celebrities or international artists like Bella Thorne are lining up by the minute. The former Disney girl has pocketed a million dollars in just 24 hours. Many famous people share there their ‘celebrity videos’ (in spanish: vídeos de famosos).


Anyone can upload material and have a profile, although obviously it is the well-known faces who have more possibilities of having a greater number of followers and, therefore, make money.


What makes it different from other networks or platforms

OnlyFans is a closed, paid website, which includes adult content and offers something that until now has not been given on any other platform: it allows its users to follow 'intimate' their favorite celebrities, as if they were entering a private scene, although it not only shows off-key content, but also youtubers material, about exercise or food, for example. The operation is the same for both. However, the material that celebrities are exploiting the most is the most private. To follow someone, you have to subscribe to their channel yes or yes.


Some 'suggestive' photos from other social networks would also adapt to this type of content, as well as others of nudes that are usually censored. This is a kind of Instagram where the user pays directly to influence or generate content by viewing exclusive images or even having conversations.


How it works

The platform does not yet have a mobile application, but it can be accessed from any device through the web browser. To enter you must register and then you can browse all available profiles. It is the famous -or the person who generates the videos and photos- who chooses his cache for the monthly subscription to his channel, from a minimum of five dollars (currency with which OnlyFans works) to a maximum of fifty. The average is ten.


From then on, if the user who pays for the cache wants to see some more content, he or she will have to pay a bonus and, later, can leave a tip if he or she has liked it. Some users publish their feed for free, but this is not the case with celebrities.


Who can access it

Anyone can access the tool, except for channels with adult content, which are reserved for adults.


How much money you make

The website charges 20% of the profits generated. 80% of the proceeds from subscriptions and tips are for the benefit of the author. Each channel shows a description of the type of content it offers.


Celebrities in OnlyFans

Since it became known that Bella Thorne joined the platform, internet searches on OnlyFans have skyrocketed, but the truth is that it started to become more known during the confinement.


OnlyFans was founded in 2016 in the United Kingdom, but burst into Spain at the end of 2019, coinciding with the announcement of actresses like Apolonia Lapiedra, who explained in La Resistencia in October that she was retiring from the traditional X cinema to go freelance on the platform. Nacho Vidal is another actor who has registered on the website. Currently, OnlyFans has eight million users.

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