The most expensive sports in the world

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Most people today practice some sport. Whether it's running, swimming or cycling, there's something for everyone and for every pocket! But some sports are becoming increasingly expensive to practice and not everyone can afford to invest large amounts of money in a sporting activity. That's why we keep you informed by presenting the most expensive sports to practice to learn all about these expensive disciplines.



It is, without a doubt, one of the most expensive sports in the world and requires a complete team to start playing well. For example, it takes about 50 euros to rent a golf course and to learn the basics of this sport, you will need ten lessons, that's an investment of 500 euros just for the lessons. Add to that the equipment to play, the membership in a club and you will quickly reach exorbitant sums. Think carefully before playing this sport if you are not sure if it is the right sport for you.


2-Horseback Riding

Even if it is true that riding has become less expensive than before, practicing this sport regularly requires a small investment at the beginning. Many equestrian centers lend the necessary accessories to ride a horse, but it is more hygienic to have your own pump and boots! In addition to this, you will need the right riding pants, a license to practice the sport at the equestrian center of your choice, and an annual fee that varies between 100 and 600 euros.



For this discipline, you obviously have to live near the sea unless you train when you go on vacation. It's a sport that is still expensive because the courses are always a bit expensive (up to 1500 euros the first year), but it's especially the equipment that can be a problem. When you surf at sea, the water is usually cold and you will need a wetsuit to spend time in the water. A wetsuit costs around 100 euros, plus a board that can cost you up to 600 euros. Maybe you prefer to surf during your vacations, it will be cheaper!



Here too, you must be close to the sea to practice this sport, although many pools now offer you first dives and even if the place is less dreamy, this can be beneficial in terms of price difference. For the equipment, once again, it is a cost that you must pay between the fins, the snorkel, the wetsuit and the oxygen bottles, you need to count around 1000 euros. Besides the price of the diving courses, be careful not to sink your budget!



All sports that require fairly large equipment will be among the most expensive sports to practice. So, knowing this, field hockey is obviously on this list. Subscriptions to play at the club can also go up to 500 euros, but it depends on the club, so we must invest in equipment with the helmet, gloves, protections and the stick!


6-Formula 1

The Formula 1 championship created in 1950 is still a dream and a passion for millions of people who go into euphoria in the stands or during television broadcasts. And if this sport has so many followers, however, it requires investment for the teams that launch these cars for competition.


According to several sports news portals (in spanish: portales de noticias deportivas), to build a Formula 1, you must have some cash. The single-seaters require an R & D budget of around 40 million, and yes, we don't stop the chance to win seconds on the track! To give you an idea, in 2017, race cars have a chassis, a front and rear spoiler lowered, but also wider tires.


Inevitably, these technical improvements have a development cost that is then tested in the championship: who will have the best car to win? And you must also take into account the talent of the driver!


To produce now, we can still count around 1 million euros. The materials used are optimized and all the added technology is paid for. For example, the engine and gearbox alone would cost almost EUR 500,000.


In the end, a Formula 1 is a real gem of technology very fast, so you must pay the price for its performance against the competition.

Maintenance and personnel

In maintenance, a Formula 1 is as expensive as the development budget. We must count the remuneration of the drivers, the team and the management members, for a total of 40-45 million depending on the teams and the number of people, of course.


One team can represent hundreds of people, like Renault, which employs 650 people! This is therefore a total, which depends on the size of the stables, the number of single-seaters and their budget distribution. In fact, some will put the package in R & D, while others in production, for example.


In addition, it will also be necessary to count the operational costs: fuel, logistics, marketing and events, etc. The total still amounts to more than 30 million for certain stables.


These and more sports curiosities (in spanish: curiosidades sobre deportes) will help you find your right sport if you want to brag about spending a lot of money on your expensive hobbies. And of course, you know in which sports you can find people with a lot of money if you want to find someone for your business...

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