Five reasons to take out health insurance

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Health is not something to be toyed with. This is a truth that cannot be appealed, since everything else depends on health. Without health we cannot enjoy love, we cannot work, we cannot have leisure time and enjoy any of the pleasures of this life. Health is something important for all of us and it makes us equal to all human beings. When health is lacking it does not matter if you are rich or poor, suffering is the same. That is why preserving our health and putting it as the main priority is natural, because if we are healthy we are in a position to carry out any other type of task and to face all the other setbacks that life may bring. And of course, it also allows us to enjoy the joys.


For that reason it is not surprising that health insurance (in spanish: seguro de salud) is the most demanded in insurance companies. Even so, when we are young and healthy, we do not always consider the need to take out good health insurance, since we think that illness can never catch up with us. That, unfortunately, is a mistake. Of course we want to stay healthy most of our lives, but even people who lead a healthy lifestyle are susceptible to getting sick at any given time or having an unwanted accident. That is why there are many types of health insurance in Peru (seguros de salud en el Perú) available for those forward-thinking people who want the best coverage in those delicate moments, those moments when they are going to need support, assistance and security in their lives the most.


If you agree that health is very important, but have doubts about whether you should take out health insurance or not, let us tell you that it is always worth investing in health, since you are investing in yourself and in those you love the most. There are many reasons to take out health insurance, each person has his or her own. But let's see what the main reasons are for taking out health insurance in Peru:


Reason number one: Speed

There is a clear benefit when we take out health insurance. Having this insurance offers us the possibility of making an appointment with a specialist or performing a diagnostic test with the certainty of knowing that in a few days you will be in front of a health professional, and that the test will be performed as quickly as possible.


The speed of action is, in many cases, the difference between the cure or the chronification of an ailment. The agility that a health insurance allows, as well as the flexibility in the schedules contributes an extra of tranquility for those who bet on contracting this type of insurance.


Reason number two: second opinion

In most of the health insurance companies the insured has the possibility to ask for the opinion of a second specialist if he/she wishes to do so. You only have to choose the professional you want to visit from the insurance's medical directory and tell him/her about your case again. In this way you can make sure that the diagnosis is correct and that the treatment prescribed is the one that corresponds to you, or on the other hand, you can find another way to treat your ailment, more in line with your specific needs.


Reason number three: Possibility of choosing

When you have health insurance, you can choose from a number of health centers and specialists. In this way, the insured can search the medical directory of the insurance until finding a center that meets the requirements that best suits him, either by location, availability or types of specialists who serve.  


This point is important because many times the name of some professionals is decisive at the time of contracting their health insurance.


Reason number four: First visit with the specialist

When you don't have insurance, many times you have to go through various procedures, including visiting the family doctor or general practitioner, before you can be seen by the specialist. When you have health insurance this is not necessary. You can visit the specialist's office immediately. This means a great saving in time and greater comfort for the insured. Besides being able to immediately start treating the problem that led you to make that visit.


Reason number five: Comfort and Privacy

In case you need to be hospitalized, private health insurance ensures the best care in a room just for you, where you can be in the company of a family member without being disturbed, and you will be attended by the best health staff. This is another advantage of having the best health insurance in Peru (el mejor seguro de salud Perú), which anyone who has had to spend a night in hospital, even if only as a companion, will appreciate.

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