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Often on the weekends we let ourselves get carried away by the monotony, and end up doing the same things all the time, either out of laziness to think of new plans or because we are really so tired that inspiration does not deign to appear. But if you have decided to make your weekends different and you want to take advantage of them and give them variety, here are a few varied proposals to inspire you.

25 different plans to spend the weekend

1. Get to know your hometown better

Everyone has favorite places to walk. What about those parts of the city you've never been to? Weekends are a great opportunity to sign up for a tour, go to the local history museum or just stroll down unfamiliar streets.


2. Get together with friends

It is true that in the cold season, one does not always want to walk in the rain and a piercing wind. The plan is to get your friends together. So, for no reason at all. Better yet, invent this reason: a rehearsal of a song for the New Year, the birthday of the emperor of Japan, the launch of a new episode of your favorite TV series. Are there ideas for theme parties?


3. Dismantling and selling old things

Many homes have a lot of retro garbage collecting dust that can be donated to the needy or sold profitably in Wallapop or Vinted. And now is the time to do it. And while you're at it, enjoy the memories.


4. Organize a photo shoot

Days go by and you don't even remember what you did last weekend? Try to capture every nice moment of your life in a photo. You can also meet some friends and put together a whole photography set to feel like real magazine models: makeup, hairdressing and your most extravagant clothes.

5. Prepare a special meal

Choose something sophisticated and beautiful, buy everything you need in the store and get started. Try to decorate the dish like in a restaurant, light the candles that have been gathering dust in the cupboard since last year, mix an unusual cocktail. The weekend is a party that always accompanies you.


6. Spend time with the kids

A weekend with children is a good opportunity to return to childhood for a short time and not be considered a childish eccentric. If you don't have children you can stay in charge of your nephews and nieces, organize a movie session of the 80s and make popcorn. At DivxTotalEnllaça a un lloc extern. you have all the movies you may need at your disposal, and we are sure that children will enjoy watching the great classics of your childhood. Other options are going to the planetarium, aquarium, the museum of entertainment science, toys or candy (don't even think about taking them to boring museums). 

7. Take care of your health

Think about what you would like to change in yourself, what in your body causes you the most inconvenience, what the doctors recommended before. And then you can go to the gym or choose exercises for yourself. If you don't like the gym, an outing to the park can also be very helpful, the important thing is to move.

8. Create a collection

And it doesn't matter what it is: an herbarium, a collection of minerals, insects or cups. Creating a collection is not necessarily an expensive task. The same plants and stones are easy to find literally under your feet.


9.Make a family tree

This is also a great occasion to chat with distant relatives that you haven't called for a long time. There are resources on the Internet that will help you find ancestors. What if no one knew and you were a count?


10. Read

Leave quietly with a good book. And if you don't feel like spending money on new books, try raiding the shelves of the nearest library. I'm sure you'll find something to your liking. 

11. Bar route

The task is extremely simple: enter a bar, have a glass of beer or a drink of something stronger and go to another drinking establishment. All this, of course, in the company of friends. You can continue until you lose the ability to move or until you run out of money.


  1. Learn something new

Big cities are full of courses and coaches that can teach you anything. And if you don't want to spend money on teachers, you can be patient and learn a new skill with the help of Internet guides.


13. Participate in geocaching

Geocaching is a first level mission. Geocachers place capsules in various locations and leave instructions on how to find "treasures" on their website. To find a "treasure", you must solve a riddle, and to solve a riddle, you must know the history of the place where it is hidden. Your city probably has at least a couple of these "treasures. As soon as you acquire the ability to find them, you can start placing new capsules yourself.


14. Improve the interior of your house

And why not reorganize the furniture? It's time to change something in this life. And on weekends, there's time to decorate your home and make the environment more comfortable.


15. Place a time capsule

Collect the little things you have memories of in a box, write yourself a letter in 5, 10 or 20 years and keep it somewhere far away. You don't even need to bury the time capsule in the ground, just seal the box so it can't be opened without tearing it and put it in a faraway corner.


16. Organize a film marathon

Choose a trilogy (at least) or if you are really serious and have a long weekend (a bridge, for example) dare to download a complete series, in Divx TotalEnllaça a un lloc extern. you will find it safe. Popcorn, pizza and other delicacies will complete the experience. Don't forget a blanket and your best pajamas.


17. Communicating with animals

You can go to a farm outside the city, help get the dogs out of a shelter, work with the cats in a shelter, or visit an animal sanctuary. Volunteering and contact with animals is always positive for the spirit and they need and appreciate it.

18.Do something with your own hands

Handmade items are valued much more than mass-produced items in a factory, especially in the mass market era. You can start with greeting cards, soap, candles... all this does not require any special skill or special artistic talent. And maybe, you can make money with craftsmanship.


19. Take a Journey

There are also many interesting things in the neighboring cities! Museums, mansions and simply beautiful historical buildings are waiting to be reached.


20. Start keeping a diary

A good way to pass the time and save important events for you and your descendants. You can use it as a basis for writing memories in old age.


21. Become a gardener

You can place a small flower bed near the house and rejoice every time you pass it. If you don't have a garden, you can grow something on your window sill or balcony.


22. Dance

A day without dancing is a day without living. The dance schools offer free trial lessons all year round. If you don't like it, you don't lose anything. But you will like it, you just have to find your dance style.


23. Organize your photos

Select the photos that are really important to you and request a print in the photo studio. It doesn't matter what they say, but this way of preserving memories is more enjoyable and more reliable than gigabytes of photo files in computer memory. And you can make a photo album yourself.


24. Do charity work

The cleaning day is no longer a tedious obligation if you organize it yourself. You can also volunteer at a shelter, help your disabled neighbors, go and donate blood and encourage your friends to do so. Help people and feel like a good person.


25. Relax

And that means more than just lying on the couch all day. For quality relaxation, it is best to master the technique of meditation or yoga. Or, at worst, soak in a warm, fragrant bath.

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