10 reasons to visit Baja California

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Located in the northwest of Mexico, Baja California is one of the states and one of the destinations in the world with unique experiences. Its geographical location has allowed it to have its own identity, achieving a gastronomic fusion that makes you fall in love, incredible landscapes that go from the desert in Valle de los Gigantes in San Felipe; the dynamism and creativity of Tijuana and the paradise in Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada.


We invite you to discover these 10 reasons why you should visit Baja California.

1.- The most important contemporary gastronomy movement in Mexico

Today, 32% of the tourists who visit Baja California are motivated by gastronomy. The growth and the international echo that has been achieved is evident; we produce more than 80% of the artisanal beer in Mexico, winners for 5 consecutive years of "The Best Artisanal Brewery" and "The Best Beer". We also have the most important urban gastronomy movement in the country with 103 food trucks and 24 gastronomic patios, in addition to being producers of 90% of Mexican wine.


You can't miss the emblematic Caesar's salad in Tijuana, the delicious lobster in Puerto Nuevo (Rosarito Beaches), a fresh seafood toast in Ensenada, the oriental cuisine in Mexicali, the Tecate bread and the signature cuisine in the whole state, where the creativity and fresh elements of the region stand out.


2.-Border identity, seedbed of great talent

The richness of its culture begins with the first inhabitants of this land with nomadic groups and missions; history can be appreciated in museums of the state like the Museum of the Californias of Cecut, Tijuana, the Regional Museum of San Quintin, the "Semeel Jak" Museum in the Sierra San Pedro Martir and the Museum of the Mexicali Valley.


As a dynamic border, influences from around the world are generated to create one of their own.


Some outstanding artists are: Nortec Collective, Javier Bátiz, Julieta Venegas, Carla Morrison, Ramona, Reik, Matisse, among others.


They have several cultural venues, among them the Cecut, where one of the most important cultural festivals in Northwest Mexico is held: Entijuanarte, which has an influx of approximately 100 thousand people per year.


Some other venues you can't miss are La Casa de la Cultura in Tijuana, its cultural passages in the downtown area, the CEART in Mexicali, the Community Museum in Tecate, and the Wine Museum in Valle de Guadalupe.


3.-Aquarium of the world, natural spa to rest.

South of Mexicali is San Felipe, the gateway to the Sea of Cortez, "Aquarium of the World", with one of the hottest climates in the state. From here you can enjoy the warm sea and its white sand. It is one of the favorite destinations for resting.

You must know the Valley of the Giants, with cardons up to 17 meters high! Besides, there are hot springs in Puertecitos and a show full of stars at dusk.


There are two rest paradises here: Bahía de los Ángeles and San Luis Gonzaga; in both of them we suggest taking a boat tour and visiting nearby islands, as well as hiking. You will have the opportunity to observe the whale shark, as well as sport fishing trips. You can also practice kayaking, snorkeling, and windsurfing.


4.-Whale watching, an experience forever.

Ensenada, also known as the Cinderella of the Pacific, its coasts are the natural passage of the gray whale that year after year visits this area during the period of December to April to have their calves; from the port of Ensenada boats depart to take you on a tour of the open sea where you can observe sea lions and dolphins, the tour is an experience full of tranquility and relaxation.


Note: The NOM 131 that governs whale watching trips in this area, says that the boat must be kept at a minimum distance of 60 meters from the whale.


5.- The best place in Mexico to see the stars

6 hours south of Tijuana and taking the scenic road to Ensenada, start this journey that will take your breath away.


From the intersection in the town of San Telmo in Ensenada, 100 km full of incredible landscapes full of vegetation, mountains and trees await you. On the way there is a place where you can admire the flight of the Californian condor and in the Sierra San Pedro Mártir you can rent a cabin or camp to discover its sky and stars at night.


At the National Astronomical Observatory you can take a tour (from 10am to 3pm) to learn about the work of the astronomers. It is also the third best observatory in the world for observing the sky. In front of the observatory you can appreciate the highest point in Baja California; the Picacho del Diablo, which reaches 3,200 meters above sea level and you can also see the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez.

6.-Home of The Mexican Wine Route.

In Baja California 90% of Mexican wine is produced with more than 100 wineries open to the public with tasting rooms. Baja California embraces the vine from the Tanama Valley in Tecate, through the wineries in Tijuana and Rosarito to the Guadalupe Valley in Ensenada "the Heart of the Route" that extends to Ojos Negros and the Valleys of Santo Tomás and San Vicente.


Chef Anthony Bourdain referred to this region as "a small Tuscany". It's one of those places that will make you never want to leave. Throughout the year there are several festivals around wine, such as the grape harvest festivals, gastronomic festivals and concerts. The wine route attracts more than 600,000 visitors a year.


7.-The only "Magic Town" on the border

In 2012 Tecate was declared "Pueblo Mágico", and since then national and international tourism has taken a greater impulse. Part of its designation is due to its historic central plaza, the ancestral native traditions of its first settlers, the Sacred Mount Cuchumá, the cave paintings of the archeological site, besides being the home of one of Mexico's most important breweries.


This municipality has more than 50 ranches and spas, of which Rancho La Puerta stands out as "one of the best spas in the world" for more than 5 years in "Travel + Leisure" magazine.


8.- Unique and natural settings that will take your breath away

Baja California has 160 ranches and spas throughout the state; a symbol of an extraordinary potential for nature and adventure tourism with 38% of the land area being a natural reserve, as well as more than 1,500 kms. of coastline and 2 national parks.


Meet La Rumorosa in Tecate, a rocky road that marvels from the moment you enter through its gigantic mountains and rocks; La Bufadora in Ensenada, known for its marine geyser that reaches 28 meters high, is a combination between cave and waves and you can contemplate it from a kayak. La Lobera in San Quintin, a natural crater that was formed in the sea and can be admired over a viewpoint where you can see seals and sea lions.


9.-White Shark in Guadalupe Island

Every year at the end of July and beginning of August, the white shark arrives in temperate waters of the Biosphere Reserve of Guadalupe Island in the Pacific Ocean, being the only place in Mexico where this type of species is concentrated.


10.- Dental tourism

Los Algodones has become a favorite tourist destination for thousands of travelers each year. A good dentist in Los Algodones (Los Algodones dentist) is the most common thing you can find. Los Algodones Dental is already a quality brand in the entire American continent, and is especially appealing to tourists coming from the northern countries: the United States and Canada, since the price of the treatments is up to 30% cheaper and with an unmatched quality. And they can still enjoy all the beautiful things Baja California has to offer.

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