Five situations where tea is better than coffee

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There are many reasons why people drink coffee. In many countries such as Spain, Italy, and many Latin American countries, drinking coffee is a deeply rooted custom. And you will not believe it, but most of the time, a good tea can be more appropriate than a cup of espresso or American coffee. Of course, convinced coffee lovers will not agree with this point of view, but people who value tea and coffee equally, and who drink the latter on the basis of its supposed properties, can safely conduct a little experiment of their own. Let's analyze each situation separately, taking into account the different varieties of teas (in spanish: variedades de té) that exist in the market.

When you need to wake up and stay awake

We used to think that there is nothing more effective than a high dose of coffee immediately after waking up, to open our eyes wide. But even non-professionals know that a good black tea (té negro) has as much caffeine as the strongest espresso. And in some varieties, even much more. But tea "works" cleaner than coffee, softer for the body, without jolts to the heart or over excitement to the nervous system.


"In the morning you can drink any good tea, you just need to find the one that suits you best. Tea wakes up softer than coffee and lasts longer. The effect of coffee lasts two hours and that of tea, four to six hours". The experts affirm.

When you need inspiration in the middle of the day

For example, let's say an hour later you're brainstorming a new project. And even if there was enough energy in the morning, in the middle of the day, for various reasons, you feel lethargic and lack energy. And he starts thinking about the need for a cup of coffee: everyone knows it gives an excellent burst of strength (even mental) to an already tired body.


At this point it is worth remembering the caffeine content in green tea. That's right, during the day a good tea works the same way as in the morning: it gently and carefully restores the opportunity to be more effective. This function is especially useful before an important meeting. In addition, we can add that green tea has important properties that help to keep the line. What more could you ask for?

When you want to work after 22.00

The best ideas come before bedtime, have you heard that expression? That's why some people find them especially effective if they work at night. This theory has a semi-scientific explanation: after sunset, when everyone is calm and no one is in a hurry, it is much easier to hear your inner voice, find the right phrases or solve a riddle. And here the red vegan tea or Pu-Erh tea can be a good choice with its smooth and long lasting effect. It is also important to remember the other side of the coin: if, on the other hand, you don't need to work and want to fall asleep on time, it is better not to drink tea after 6 pm, but to give preference to soothing herbal drinks such as chamomile or lime blossom.


When you want to raise the low pressure

Experts believe that, in general, this is a very controversial issue. But if it is necessary to increase the pressure sometimes it is not valid with any type of tonic drinks. If you really want to achieve such an effect, then coffee can be replaced with tea, which will not give side effects in the form of excessive excitement of the nervous system. This change will be especially appropriate if you also have problems with the gastrointestinal tract or the kidneys (coffee gives them an extra burden).


Young Sheng Pu'er, red teas and highly fermented oolongs are best for raising blood pressure.

When you just need to cheer up

There are many people who drink coffee not to get more energy, but only to improve their mood, coffee helps them to be more joyful and happy. But many do not even suspect that a good tea can have exactly the same effect. A striking example is Long Jing tea, which brings lightness and good humor in a more effective and lasting way than coffee.


Residents of large cities are constantly under the influence of noise and vibration: these are the sounds of the city, construction equipment, subway traffic, etc. We are already so used to them that we don't pay attention to them, but the nervous system cannot get used to them, it is constantly in a state of rattling. A good tea makes the nervous system 'soften' and calms us down, instead of making us more excited, like coffee does. Hence this state of deep calm and inner lightness when drinking tea.



Well, we discovered that the energetic properties of coffee can easily be found in a cup of tea ... But what about those who passionately love the rich color of coffee and its inspiring aroma? Shu Puer teas and heavily fermented (dark) oolong teas are already coming to the rescue. The first has a thick dark color, very similar to coffee, and can be diluted with milk or cream. The second allows you to please the olfactory receptors. There is an even more aromatic milk oolong, whose aroma can provoke an attack of euphoria even in avid coffee lovers. Chai tea and teas prepared with different spices can transport you to a new world of aromas, flavours and textures that are worth trying. And if you are still not completely convinced, you can alternate both drinks depending on the situation and concrete need, in the variety, there is the taste.

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