Should you Buy Clubhouse Invites?

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The short answer is: DEFINITELY.


Of course, you want to know why.


Clubhouse has been trending for a while now, especially after Elon Musk received a positive response from the Kremlin itself to a casual invitation for a chat on the platform, and everyone is invited to join the room. Everyone with access to the app, that is.


The problem is that having access to the app is not as easy as just downloading it and creating an account. As usual, you have to work to get the good stuff.


Clubhouse was created in 2020 with the idea to simplify social media, or to reduce the noise that comes out of them. But they wanted to bring a touch of exclusivity by only allowing people to join through direct invitations. It is an iOS-only app, which leaves half of the world out right off the bat, and members can only invite 2 of their best friends. It has created a huge bottleneck for those who want to join the community.


The creators have explained the need to keep access restricted in order to guarantee server stability. Well, I imagine that a surge of millions of users in a matter of hours would crash any app, so they have a point. But humans tend to crave what they can't have, so this bottleneck is the main reason Clubhouse invites are in such high demand.


For me, the true allure of the app comes from its format. It clearly rides the podcast wave as it is only sound-based. That´s right, no text, pictures, memes, or emojis. This makes for a more mature audience who wants to have real-life conversations about interesting topics, without thousands trying to chip in with their own irrelevant views.


The format is extremely simple, getting rid of the rigidness of other media channels. It's totally unscripted and, more importantly, conversations are never stored, which adds yet another layer of exclusivity. If you don't happen to be online the minute your two favorite people in the world exchange pearls of wisdom, too bad.


That's why so many people want in. There are tons of once-in-a-lifetime conversations happening right this minute on the platform, and most of us are currently out of the loop.


If it makes you feel better, the Clubhouse app creators announced an Android version “soon”, and they said they´re working to make the app accessible for everyone. However, I don't see that happening any time soon, or at least not for another year.


Meanwhile, more and more celebrities and big names are joining the platform and having discussions that we´ll never hear in other outlets.


But not everything is lost. If you have a friend who´s already a member, you can ask them for an invite. Remember, they only give 2 invites to each member, so you better be a GOOD friend. Alternatively, you can buy clubhouse invites and enjoy the perks of having early access to this exclusive platform.


Either way, I hope I see you in the app soon!

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