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Whatever the shape of your pool, whether in-ground, half-buried or even above-ground ... every basin has its pool cover or pool cover ! But what exactly is a pool cover, what is it for, what are the different existing models? And among all this diversity, how to choose the right pool cover? Why should we use a pool cover installation service (in spanish: instalación cubiertas para piscinas)?

Why cover a swimming pool?

For safety reasons

Since covering your pool when it is not in use, it is to avoid accidents. On condition that you use a safety cover subject to the NF P 90-308 standard.


With a pool equipped with a cover, children and pets can stay in the garden without risk. For more safety around your pool , think also about protective barriers.

For the cleanliness of the water

The pool cover protects the water of your pool:


During the winter : your pool is not exposed to bad weather, cold, etc.

Against external pollution: under its cover, the water remains clean.

For less evaporation and warmer water

A pool cover reduces the evaporation of the water and maintains its temperature. The coolness of the nights and the wind no longer influence the water of your pool ! The pool cover can even help to increase the water temperature.

To save money

Therefore, the pool cover guarantees some savings, in terms of maintenance and heating products, for example.


Choose a pool cover according to the shape of the pool

All models of covers can be adapted to your pool , whether it is a safety cover, a winter cover or a summer cover .


Each of its models is available in all shapes: 


Round pool cover,

Rectangular pool cover,

Octagonal pool cover,

Hexagonal pool cover,

Oval pool cover,



Not to mention that it is now possible to have a pool cover cut to the measurements of the latter. This way you get a custom made pool enclosure.


Note: please note that some manufacturers even offer to customize your pool cover by printing the image of your choice (designs, patterns or personal photos).


The price of your pool cover will depend on the model chosen, its shape or even its size. 

Choosing a safety cover for my pool

To limit the risk of accidents, private pools must be equipped with a safety device. It can therefore take the form of a pool cover with a safety bar or safety cover.


Be careful here, the so-called flexible pool covers (such as the bubble cover and any other floating cover) are not designed to ensure the safety of your pool . Choose a safety cover that complies with the NF P 90-30 standard in the manufacture of pool covers (fabricación cubiertas para piscinas).

Advantages of the pool safety cover


- Protects the pool from the risk of drowning all year round.


- This device is the simplest to implement.


- The safety cover is the most economical protection system.


- Helps maintain water temperature.




- During the bathing season, its daily installation is tedious if it is not motorized.


- Its aesthetics leave much to be desired.


Choosing a bubble cover for a pool 

The sole purpose of the bubble cover or summer cover is to protect the pool from dirt, while helping to heat the water it contains.


Advantages of bubble cover


- The bubbles in this pool cover help to heat the pool water.


- Easy to use and install, this cover can be equipped with a reel to simplify handling.


- The summer cover is inexpensive (its price is approximately 5 ¤ / m²).




Be careful, this cover is too flexible to be sufficient to secure the pool.


It is used only during the summer period. It will therefore be necessary to purchase a winter cover.


Why choose it? 

Opt for this type of cover if you live in a temperate climate region, if you do not winterize your pool and if you have another safety device.

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