The Different Types of Eyelash Boxes

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When it comes to purchasing eyelash boxes, there are a few things that you should know. You can order them in a number of configurations. You can choose white SBS, brown kraft, or even metalized paperboard. If you are looking to improve your brand presence, these extras are a great way to do it. However, the size and shape of the box should not be the only consideration. The shape should also be consistent with the rest of your brand's aesthetics.

Magnetic lash book

If you have ever wondered what makes magnetic lashes so special, you're not alone. Magnetic lash box is the perfect solution for those who want a little extra volume and length without having to deal with adhesives. Magnetic lashes are made of premium synthetic silk and are the most natural-looking option. Magnetic strips stick to different sections of the lashes to create a realistic effect. They are lightweight and can be used by both men and women.

Unlike the regular magnetic lash box, the magnetic lashes book is much bigger and holds three pairs of false lashes. You can also customize the surface to add glitter or holographic design, or other designs to make your magnetic lash box unique. You can even use it to store your eyelash application tools, too. And since it can be reused, it's perfect for your travels as a cosmetic bag.

Drawer lash box

The draw-style lash box adds a fashionable element to eyelash packaging. The box features side friction, which allows the product tray to be removed from the outer sleeve. Using this style of packaging is easy, and it also has many advantages. Among them is the ability to customize it. Unlike the traditional lash packaging, this style allows for endless design options, including special processes and private labels. With the flexibility of customizing your lash box, you can design your box to perfectly fit the brand's goals and target audience.

A custom-printed drawer lash box is an excellent choice for an eyelash business. It can include the lash brand logo, private label, slogan, and social media links. You can also opt for a diamond-handled model that sparkles like a diamond. Depending on your business needs, you can also choose from rectangular or square drawer lash boxes. A larger box can fit two to three pairs of false eyelashes.

Clamshell lash box

A Clamshell lash box looks beautiful and protects the eyelashes from dust. The box can be custom designed to enhance the brand image and maximize sales. This product is ideal for both daily use and professional beauty salons. These Eyelash Boxes come in different colors and styles, and are affordable enough to be used as decoration as well as for storing tools. The eyelash box is also ideal for everyday use, with its low price and attractive design.

Eyelash packaging boxes are often made of textured materials for their strong resistance to pressure and durability. They are also eco-friendly, since they are recyclable. You can reuse the empty lash box for holding small objects and ornaments. The Clamshell lash box is an old favorite and is divided into two parts: the front cover and the tilt-up box. The boxes can be printed on the front cover or covered in malt lamination for a more permanent result.

Diamond-shaped acrylic lash box

Diamond-shaped acrylic eyelash packaging is a popular type of eyelash packaging. This type of box is made of clear acrylic material with a glitter lash box and a transparent cover. These boxes come in different colors, and are very attractive. They protect the eyelashes while also keeping them clean. The transparent acrylic cover is also easy to wipe off. Diamond-shaped eyelash packaging is an excellent choice for starting a lash business.

Compared to the rectangular acrylic eyelash packaging, diamond-shaped acrylic boxes are less bulky. Their volume is smaller, making them easier to transport. A custom logo can be printed on the lid of the box. They are also more attractive and can be combined with paper eyelash boxes. But remember that the cost will depend on the size of the box and the quantity of eyelashes that you want to package. A diamond-shaped box is a great choice for high-end and luxury products.

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