Course Syllabus

High EMT Course Syllabus


Course Start Date: September 11, 2017
Course End Date: May 4, 2018

Please print a copy of this syllabus for handy reference.

Whenever there is a question about what assignments are due, please remember this syllabus is considered the ruling document.

Instructor Information                                                                                                      

Leslie Hernandez, EdD, NRP, FP-C

Director, Community Education Division

Department of Emergency Health Science

Office: 210-567-7576



Email me at any time.

Where to Go to Class:

Course content will be located on your UT Health Canvas site and includes handouts, Power Points, study guides, and relevant links. All information is subject to modification and used in addition to the textbook and supplemental readings.


Students will be responsible for understanding and adhering to all policies while attending the Health Science Center. University policies are subject to change so please be sure to review them at the beginning of each class as they may have changed since your last class.

Course Policies:

All graded assignments of the presented information will be accomplished prior to the end of the semester.  If you fail to one of these, you will receive a “0” for that item. If you complete and turn in any discussion or assignments after the due date, you may be given partial credit if there is time to review the submission. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the course director to request permission to make up a missed graded item.

Feedback is provided as part of the online discussions, assignments, exams, individual email communications, and one-on-one contact, if requested.

Grading Formula:









60 - 69




Course Description:

The Critical Care Medicine for Paramedic Practice Course is designed to provide medical professionals with fundamental knowledge of flight physiology, safety, survival, and concepts related to patient assessment, management, and clinical implications for patients with medical and trauma emergencies.

Course Materials:

The course is designed to follow the selected chapters in the primary textbook, supplemental materials provided, reading assignments, and supported by online instruction. 

The textbook for the course: Critical Care Transport, Jones and Bartlett Publishing, 2E.



% of GPA







Midterm Exam


Final Course Exam




Confirmation of Course Attendance and Enrollment:

Any student that fails to log-in to the course on Canvas by the end of the 12th day of class will be reported to the Office of the Registrar as not attending the course.  The Registrar will drop students after day 12 for non-payment.   If you paid tuition, remain in the course, and fail to log-in to the course or turn in required assignments, you will receive a grade of F if not withdrawn.

HIPAA Statement

As a student at the University of Texas Health, you have a legal and ethical responsibility to safeguard the privacy of all patients and protect confidentiality and security of all health information.  Protecting the confidentiality of patient information means protecting it from unauthorized use or disclosure in any format--oral/verbal, fax, written, or electronic/computer.  Patient confidentiality is a central obligation of patient care.  Any breaches in patient confidentiality or privacy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from the educational program.

Absence for Religious Observance

Students requesting an excused absence for religious holidays should follow the guidelines outlined in the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio Catalog.

Requests for Accommodations for Disabilities

Information on requesting accommodations for disabilities is available in the UT Health Catalog.  Students who wish to request accommodations for disabilities should meet with Dr. Pat Brewer, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs--SAHS, to complete a Student/Resident Request for Accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act form (Form ADA-100).  The form and additional information may be obtained at

Academic Integrity

Any student who commits an act of academic dishonesty is subject to discipline, as prescribed by the UT System Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents.  Academic dishonesty includes but is not limited to cheating, plagiarism, collusion, the submission for credit of any work or materials that are attributable in whole or in part to another person, taking an exam for another person, and any act designed to give unfair advantage to a student or the attempt to commit such act.

Course Content

Chapters 1-2 Exam1

Chapters 3-4 Exam 2

Chapters 1-5 Exam 3

Chapter 6 Exam 4

Chapters 7-8 Exam 5

Chapters 9-10 Exam 6

Chapters 1-10 and 12 Midterm

Chapters 25-28 Exam 7

Chapters 29-32 Exam 8

Chapters 11, 14-16 Exam 9

Chapters 17-20 Exam 10

Chapters 11, 14-23 Exam 11

Chapters 33-36 Exam 12

Chapters 37-41 Exam 13

Final Exam



Graded assignments will be available during the course. These assignments will be short quizzes ranging from 10-15 questions each and be timed. Each item will open (accessible) and close on specific dates. You will have 2 attempts with the grade averaged. You are not required to take both attempts.


Exams will be available during the course. These exams will be no more than 30 questions each. Each item be open (accessible) and close on specific dates. You will have one attempt.

Midterm Examination:

Final Examination:

The final examination will cover all material presented in this course and be 200 questions


Course Summary:

Date Details Due