Welcome to Canvas E-Training for Instructors

Welcome to Canvas E-Training for Instructors


Welcome to Canvas!

PURPOSE - This course has been developed to introduce faculty and staff to the new institutional learning management system, CANVAS. Upon completion of this course, faculty and staff should be able to master the major tools and features available in CANVAS in order to be assigned either an INSTRUCTOR (faculty) or Teaching Assistant/TA (staff) role in Canvas.

Canvas Browser Check  - We suggest you use Google Chrome or Firefox but browsers change requirements often- hence click on Canvas Browser Check.  

INSTRUCTOR or TEACHING ASSISTANT (TA) TRAINING - If a faculty or staff member wants to have an INSTRUCTOR or TA role in any CANVAS course, they should review this course


In the LEFT hand menu, click on User Dashboard, click on the arrow next to COURSES and view your courses.

 OBJECTIVES - Please click on this link to view the course objectives


If you have questions about CANVAS, please first access the CANVAS GUIDES located in the HELP corner (upper right corner) of each page in CANVAS. These guides are quite helpful.

We have also included a CHECKLIST that you can use to review your course 


Scroll down to review the short (less than 5 minutes each) video tutorials from this page. 



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